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We are a team of Knowlegeable, Dedicated and Experienced Property Managers.


Glenn Capobianco Vice President Read Bio
Nuno Pires Vice President Read Bio

Property Managers Directory

Chris Chiappa
President 914-654-1414 x129 Email Chris
Glenn Capobianco
Vice President 914-654-1414 x113 Email Glenn
Nuno Pires
Vice President 914-654-1414 x112 Email Nuno
Bram Fierstein
Co-Founder 914-654-1414 Email Bram
Gary Gutekunst
Co-Founder 914-654-1414 Email Gary
Michael McCoy
Senior Property Manager 914-654-1414 x118 Email Michael
James Napoli
Senior Property Manager 914-654-1414 x111 Email James
Harry Legha
Property Manager 914-654-1414 x115 Email Harry
Ana Nelson
Senior Property Manager 914-668-9591 Email Ana
Arturas Ragauskas
Assistant Property Manager 914-668-9591 Email Arturas
Jaci Pino
Assistant Property Manager 914-654-1414 x130 Email Jaci
Janet Awe
Assistant Property Manager/Administrative Assistant 914-654-1414 x110 Email Janet
Luisa Ravitch
Administrative Assistant 914-654-1414 x117 Email Luisa
Steve Gutman
Controller 914-654-1414 Email Steve
Rozelia Da Costa
Financial Administrator 914-654-1414 x120 Email Rozelia
Jeffrey Brittingham
Accounts Payable 914-654-1414 x123 Email Jeffrey
Samantha Stone
Payroll Admin / Billing 914-654-1414 x125 Email Samantha
Kamilah Ifill
Assistant Property Manager 914-654-1414 x122 Email Kamilah

Specializing in Condominium & Cooperative Management

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