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We are a team of Knowlegeable, Dedicated and Experienced Property Managers.


Glenn Capobianco Vice President Read Bio
Nuno Pires Vice President Read Bio

Property Managers Directory

Chris Chiappa
President 914.654.1414 ext 129 Email Chris
Glenn Capobianco
Vice President 914.654.1414 ex. 113 Email Glenn
Nuno Pires
Vice President 914.654.1414 ex. 112 Email Nuno
Bram Fierstein
Co-Founder 914-654-1414 Email Bram
Gary Gutekunst
Co-Founder 914-654-1414 Email Gary
Michael McCoy
Senior Property Manager 914.654.1414 ex. 118 Email Michael
James Napoli
Senior Property Manager 914-654-1414 x 111 Email James
Ana Nelson
Senior Property Manager 914-668-9591 Email Ana
Harry Legha
Property Manager 914-654-1414 x 115 Email Harry
Joseph Guraj
Property Manager 914-654-1414 x 122 Email Joseph
Arturas Ragauskas
Assistant Property Manager 914-668-9591 Email Arturas
Susan Shkreli-Guraj
Assistant Property Manager 914.654.1414 ex. 114 Email Susan
Jaci Pino
Assistant Property Manager 914-654-1414 x 130 Email Jaci
Janet Awe
Assistant Property Manager/Administrative Assistant 914.654.1414 ex. 110 Email Janet
Steve Gutman
Controller 914.654.1414 ex. 122 Email Steve
Jeffrey Brittingham
Accounts Payable 914.654.1414 ex. 123 Email Jeffrey
Samantha Stone
Payroll Admin / Union Liaison 914-654-1414 x 125 Email Samantha
Luisa Ravitch
Administrative Assistant 914.654.1414 ex. 117 Email Luisa
Rozelia Da Costa
Financial Administrator 914-654-1414 x 120 Email Rozelia

Specializing in Condominium & Cooperative Management

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2 Hamilton Ave, Ste 217 New Rochelle, NY 10801